Another SCBWI Meetup in Stuttgart

The summer holidays are over and it’s time to do the thing again.

In absolute honesty, I did not make much progress on my WIP during the last eight weeks. It turns out family vacation in the alps and writing just don’t quite fit together. But since school has started again and I’m slowly and to a part grudgingly resuming my early bird schedule, I’ve been able to get some work done.

What’s always helping – and I mean it when I say ALWAYS – is a meet-up with the ladies from SCBWI in Stuttgart library. Whenever I get to spent a day there with fellow writers, I can’t but come away freshly motivated and with new ideas.

So here’s a big “Thank you” to the SCBWI in general for providing such an enabling community to be part of – and to Catherine and Linda in particular, for spending time with me.