Shifting and Changing – Poetry Challenge – a Tanka

Some busy months have passed, and so it’s been some time since I participated in Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. I am all the more happy to post this Tanka today.
Colleen’s prompts were PLAN and INSPIRATION – as always with the catch to only use synonyms. I used the words schedule and whim.

Granted, my week is not as carefree as the poem might suggest. Still, I think a little flexibility in our plans is a good thing. You might want to check out my post about Bullet Journals for Authors here.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-30 at 16.21.38
Picture: Ingo Rammer, Isle of Skye, 5:30am view from Quirang down to Staffin Bay

~Shifting and Changing~

My weekly schedule,
more a guideline than a rule,
adapts to my whims,
in the spur of the moment,
in the flux of time and space.

6 thoughts on “Shifting and Changing – Poetry Challenge – a Tanka

  1. What a fabulous, Tanka, Katja. I’ve been looking at the bullet journals. I just don’t have time to plan like that so I use an old-fashioned calendar. Glad to have you back. You’ve been missed. ❤


    • Thank you so much, Colleen. It’s been a busy but productive time! Submitted some (non-Tanka) poems to various contests, worked on my WIP and re-redesigned the living room to match with the new sofa. Summer holidays about to start next week over here – so there should be some more time to do your weekly challenge.

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      • Sounds like a wonderful summer so far. You are always welcome. I know life gets in the way sometimes. ❤


    • Thank you so much! The “more a guideline, than a rule” line is actualy from Pirates of the Carribean movie. It’s become a running gag with friends and family to quote it whenever we consider some slight rule-breaking… 🙂


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