About Me

Hi there, I am Katja – welcome to my blog.

I am from Germany, living in Karlsruhe with the best husband on the planet and two girls, who grow up way to fast.
I am a bit of a busy bee – easily distracted and fast to fall for new projects and ideas. From quilting to painting, from gardening to baking, I wish each day had 48 hours for all the things I would love to do. But there are only 24h which means I am usually quite sleep deprived. I deal with that as best I can.

I grew up in a family that loved books. My grandparents, living in the teacher’s flat of their village’s old school building, even had the local library in the old classroom for some time. Literally next door. Next room, even. Needless to say, I have always been surrounded by books and have always enjoyed reading them.

I can not remember when I first noticed my mind’s tendency to imagine new stories. Surely everyone else was doing the same when daydreaming on the subway. For quite some time, I kept those stories in my head only – not bothering to write them down. But that changed a few years back and the urge to pen down what played in my imagination grew stronger and stronger. So I just went ahead and started.

At first, I just wrote without a real goal or plan. I did not get far with any idea, no matter if it was a character, a situation or a mystery. But even then I was a writer. After all, I wrote! Still, those early days left me unsatisfied and without much headway in any of my pet projects, I felt not quite up to the task. Only in late 2015, I was finally at a point where I wanted to change my way of approaching writing. And with it came the desire to move from being a writer to being an author.

In early 2016 I joined the SCBWI. Most of the things I wrote were in English and I was in desperate need of fellow writers who wrote in English, too. And I got lucky. The SCBWI has chapters all over the world, and by chance one of the groups of the Germany-Austria chapter met in Stuttgart – just an hour travel time from my home. Connecting with others who shared my interest has been a great source of inspiration ever since.

This blog is going to accompany me on my journey of advancing from writer to author. What I learned about the craft. Who I met along the way. How I overcame the obstacles in my way. It’s a chronic of sorts so I can look back one day and see, what I have accomplished and how I did it and who helped me on my way.

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