About Me

Hi there, I am Katja – welcome to my Blog.

I am from Germany, living in Karlsruhe at the moment with my family. I am wife of the best husband on the planet and mother of two girls, who grow up way to fast.
I am a bit of a busy bee – easily distracted and fast to fall for new projects and ideas. From quilting to painting, from gardening to baking, I wish the days would have 48 hours for all the things I would love to do. But there are only 24 of those which means I am usually quite sleep deprived. I deal with that as best I can.

I grew up in a family who loved books. My grandparents even had the local library of their village in the old school building they rented their flat in. I have always been surrounded by books and have always enjoyed reading them. I cannot remember when I first noticed my mind’s tendency to imagine new stories, did not scrutinize it. Surely everyone else was doing the same when daydreaming on the subway. For quite some time I kept those stories in my head – not bothering to write them down. But that changed. A few years back the urge to pen down what played in my imagination grew stronger so I just went ahead and started. Without a real goal and without any plan there was not much headway. But I was and am a writer – for after all – I do write.

I want to change that. I want to move from being a writer to being an author. This blog is going to accompany me on this journey so I can come back one day and see, what I have accomplished and how I did it and who helped my on my way.

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