What? Why is it German _and_ English? An Introduction.

I am German – so naturally one would think I would write in my native language. But I do not – or at least not always. In this blog I will mostly write in English but there will be posts or texts in German as well. If you wonder why, let me explain it like this:
I think in English. Not when I am going about my day-to-day business or while grocery shopping. But often when I am in this place in my head where the stories are – I do think in English. At the moment. For the story I picked a while ago to be the one story I really want to tell.

I believe that to be a consequence of the literary choices I made in the past ten years. Maybe 85 percent of the books I read were in English. Once I realized how much of the authors voice and phrasing gets – literally – lost in translation of a book, I started reading the novels and stories I was intrigued with in the original language. Most times that was English.

Maybe for another text or story I will choose German. I will depend on the topic and the setting. Right now, the storyline I am pursuing comes up in English. I tried to “translate” it to German– but that felt wrong and sounded totally off. I could never find the right German word to express what I wanted to write. So I went ahead and started over. In English. Which is still a touchy subject for me. For I am aware that I am far from perfect and believe me, I am concerned that what I write sounds just a little weird. I do have a master-plan to address this issue in the near future. I will keep you all updated.

Meanwhile – when I will post something I wrote just for the sake of exercise, like writing challenges or writing prompts, it will most likely be German. I guess it will depend on the topic and setting. Makes no sense to write in English if the story is set in rural Bavaria, don’t you think?

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