To-Do-List 2016

If I had to judge my skill for organising on a scale from 1 to 10 – if being totally honest – I would have to give myself a -1.

There are people who just naturally manage all there is to manage without any help. I am not one of those. There was a time I was able to remember the teeny-weeny-st detail regarding my daily life. That was before I got kids. Sometimes I joke around that half of my brains went to my firstborn and half of what was left to the second daughter. So I have only 1/4 of my former capability left. And that effectively put an end to my organising skills.

Thank goodness I got an awesome husband as well and he helps out – in terms of introducing me to supporting technology. Email-reminder, Todoist project management and my all-time fav: bullet lists.

Bullet lists are my thing. I write them all the time. If I get up on weekends with some projects to finish, stuff to organise for the kids or chores around the house – I write myself a list.

Then I  come back from time to time to see what I can check. I strike through what I already did, add what I did when it is not at the list (and score it out immediately – silly me). That works surprisingly well. 🙂

So today I will start a bucket list for 2016 that is writing related. I hope that will help me to get things going in the right direction faster than last year.

  1. Get a critique buddy.
  2. Check for german chapter of SCBWI – if there is one,  sign up.
  3. Decide on the basic structural frame for WIP
  4. Find something else than MS word for a writing environment.
  5. Stop or at least minimise procrastination.
  6. Find a way to carve out daily writing hours.
  7. Write some more blog posts.
  8. Review this list at least once a month. Maybe the … 14th each month would be an idea and add all things that came up eventually.

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