Weekly Poetry Challenge – Qunituple #Tanka

For me, Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge has been a source of joy for some weeks now, but this week it has been hard.
In the face of the horrific events in Florida and the unbelievable indifferent reaction of so many US politicians (and citizens), I couldn’t but reach out across the ocean and show my solidarity with the people of Parkland and I dedicate this poem to the students of Stoneman Douglas Highschool. I can’t even begin to grasp what they are going through. May the dead rest in peace, and may the survivors of this gruesome act find the strength to carry on and lead the US out of this mess.

The prompt words for the 71st challenge were: Affection and Character. I used thoughts & kindness for affection and puppet & spirit for character.



Apathy’s henchmen
Send thoughts and prayers your way.
Rancid, callous tools
on puppet strings, offering
Drops to quench an inferno.

The world ought to stop!
Instead, keeps turning, turning.
Relentless sorrow—
Even shared a thousandfold
Still fails to lessen the pain.

I see you weeping,
Tender heart and broken soul.
I see you craving
For yesterday’s lost kindness,
Gone, but never forgotten.

In awe, I behold
Your spirit’s awakening.
From pain to passion—
Horror reshaped to resolve,
I see your courage rising.

Furious voices
Give birth to a roaring choir,
Demanding action.
I hear you! I hear your call
And amplify your message.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Poetry Challenge – Qunituple #Tanka

  1. What a magnificent poetic outpouring of love and support, Katja. I am overwhelmed with emotion. Your poem is powerful with the addition of each Tanka. Wow. This is amazing! ❤

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    • Thank you Colleen. As you can imagine – as a mother of two girl who go to the German equivalent of high school – it’s hard to see those events happen again and again. I think, for non US folks it’s even harder to understand the whole NRA/2ndAmendment thing. Eespecially since everything else remotely dangerous seems to get banned and prosecuted immediately.

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      • And, “many” Americans can’t and don’t condone the gun issue. We can only vote them out. We’ve become pawns in the hands of rich donors. I’ve been for gun control my entire life. ❤️

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