Bucketlist 2016

If I had to judge my skill for organising on a scale from 1 to 10 – if being totally honest – I would have to give myself a -1.

There are people who just naturally manage all there is to manage without any help. I am not one of those. There was a time I was able to remember the teeny-weeny-st detail regarding my daily life. That was before I got kids. Sometimes I joke around that half of my brains went to my firstborn and half of what was left to the second daughter. So I have only 1/4 of my former capability left. And that effectively put an end to my organising skills.

Thank goodness I got an awesome husband as well and he helps out – in terms of introducing me to supporting technology. Email-reminder, Todoist project management and my all-time fav: bullet lists.

Bullet lists are my thing. I write them all the time. If I get up on weekends with some projects to finish, stuff to organise for the kids or chores around the house – I write myself a list.

Then I  come back from time to time to see what I can check. I strike through what I already did, add what I did when it is not at the list (and score it out immediately – silly me). That works surprisingly well. 🙂

So today I will start a bucket list for 2016 that is writing related. I hope that will help me to get things going in the right direction faster than last year.

  1. Get a critique buddy.
  2. Check for german chapter of SCBWI – if there is one,  sign up.
  3. Decide on the basic structural frame for WIP
  4. Find something else than MS word for a writing environment.
  5. Stop or at least minimise procrastination.
  6. Find a way to carve out daily writing hours.
  7. Write some more blog posts.
  8. Review this list at least once a month. Maybe the … 14th each month would be an idea and add all things that came up eventually.

That was 2015

So, the year is gone and I am nowhere near the result I pictured for this date of the year at the beginning of 2015. In parts this is disappointing. In parts it is .. well understandable.

There are a few things I learned in 2015. The hard way.

  1. I haven’t been able to establish a “regular writing time” for myself.
  2. I am not a “pantser”.
  3. I have a LOT to learn.
  4. It is harder to get valuable critique than I expected.
  5. I seem to forget the proper use of “than vs then” every couple of weeks.

Mind you, that is not _all_ I learned in 2015, but it pretty much sums up the main points that matter to me at this moment. What’s that saying? The first step to solving any problem is recognising there is one. And if I really want to get somewhere with this whole endeavour I better start making up my mind about some changes I can put into place for 2016.

Getting back to the list above I come up with this on the top of my head:

  1. This is a tough one. I have nothing.
  2. If I am not a “pantser”, I might be a “plotter” or anything in between. I realised that weeks ago and took appropriate steps. My bookshelf is bursting with new advice books. I basically stopped working on my WIP and dove into the theoretical and structural guidebook pool. That leads me too..
  3. … I learns LOADS of new stuff. From structure and outlining processes to POV secrets, telling vs. showing – not to mention the vast amount of useful blogs out there. At days I felt like I read _the internet_. Still, there are many many more things to discover.
  4. Critique. Well. Not, that I cope with it poorly. No. I just can’t find the means to get it before someone who could really help me with improving. Sure, family member read my stuff. But there is the family bond that might hinder them in being brutally honest. And there is the language barrier. I need a critique buddy who is a native in English and not a “friend”. I will need to look into this first thing 2016.
  5. Then I can go on improving faster than I did in 2015. (See what I did there?) There might be hope after all.

See you all in 2016. Wonder what it will be like.




Advise from friends

So, a few days ago I was in Munich visiting with Mel, Sara and Laura. Mel and Sara are not only writers like me – they are authors not less, both having a book due in Feb 2016.

We talked about my issues of finding someone who might review my writings regarding style and language skill. I am still wondering if it will be feasible to proceed writing in English. Maybe it would be better for my progress and my chances of ever getting published if I were to write in German.

Long story short, I got some advise how I might achieve finding a critique partner. Gonna set that on my bucket list for 2016.