Time to move on…

With SCBWI’s last meet-up in Stuttgart only a few days ago and so many new people to talk to about writing, I have come to a decision: I need to move on to a new project.

Don’t get me wrong, Dire Tidings is not dead. The idea is great. I’ve got awesome characters. I’ve got an intriguing fantasy world. I’ve got plenty ideas for situations, events and conflicts. But I have been working on it for the last 14+ month and I came to realise that the one thing I don’t have is a grip on the plot. At least not in a manner that will have result in success.

The idea grew in several stages and the whole fantasy world has been growing ever since. Honestly, I am overwhelmed. And right now, I am not ready to tackle what will be needed to bring it to a satisfying end.

I do believe that it is healthy to admit to ones own shortcomings. And I do admit to myself: at this point in my writing career I am not ready to pull of such a huge project. Not yet. I lack the skill and the stamina to do it. Simple as that.

So Dire Tidings is on hold for the time being. Sitting there, it will mature and in time I’ll be back to salvage what I can. Certainly, like wine, it will get better over time when non essentials are stripped away and the core of the story will remain.

Not, that I am lost now. A quick look into my idea-book and I’m already set to re-start. I picked up a new idea that feels promising and will start brainstorming possible plots, premises and characters.

Feels good. 🙂


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