SCBWI Winter Conference 2020

New York City. Finally.

It’s been quite a while since I set foot on American soil – if I remember correctly, my last visit dates back to 2003 – a couple of years before I had my daughters – but even then I never made it to The Big Apple.

But now, finally, the time had come. Flight from Frankfurt to JFK, Subway to Manhattan – and there I was, ready to meet so many of my fellow Regional Advisors from all over the world, industry professionals, and loads and loads of writers from all over the world. Exciting times!

It’s a long, long way.

In retrospect – and I’m talking weeks here – I’m probably lucky I got to go on this trip. Shortly after returning home, the pandemic hit and first travel restrictions popped up. By now, Germany is in full lockdown.

So yeah, I am glad I got to see NYC. Who knows if I’ll ever be back and if yes, how long it will take.
A few highlights:
* Grand Central Station. Dang, that’s absolutely pretty!
* exquisite sweets at Ladurée
* Rockefeller Center

Unfortunately, it’s been only a short trip that didn’t leave much wriggle room for more sightseeing, or Broadway, or day trips. So maybe I get to come back and add a couple of days next time.

The main focus was, of course, the conference itself. So many talented people held presentations, lead workshops, and participated in panels – I wish I had been able to split myself up and watch it all. The amount of inspiration and the new skills and idea sets were certainly worth the long travel hours.

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