Huxley Outgrew the Word Count

Here’s the thing: I am an over-writer.

I can’t help it. It happens. Always. The WIP (which I put in hold for the Taxidermy Short Story Competition) stands at 120k+ words with like 75% written and NO! that’s precisely NOT the length any industry professional would deem appropriate for a YA social Sci-fi novel.

And now the Huxley story (I shared the beginning here) has also grown in scope and depth and sheer number of ideas. I can’t possibly fit it into a 2000-word text. Not. A. Chance. (I mean, I maybe could, but I don’t want to cut half of my ideas for Gainelle Mimosa, spy extraordinaire, and her path to freedom)

So, what’s next, you ask? Well, there’s the other, the Toni Morrison prompt from her work Beloved. I am thinking about switching and give it a try. The brackets that I need to fill with a new story are:

124 was spiteful.

I might have an idea for that prompt, but only about two weeks left. That’s going to be tricky. Wish me luck!

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