Challenge #3: submitted and received

A few days ago, I posted about the prompt for the 2nd round (3rd challenge) in this year’s NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge. Luckily, I – and with me 24 more writers in group 12 – got this:

Genre: Sci-fi
Location: a trawler
Object: a pigtail

TBH, that wasn’t the worst prompt – but not quite as accommodating as the 2nd challenge’s fantasy-prompt. It didn’t take that long to come up with a way to put a trawler in a Sci-fi setting that I liked – but the whole pigtail number had me thinking for a while.

But, as inferred in the headline: I made it!
I submitted my story in the early hours at 3:17 am, with less than 3 hours to go before the deadline ended.
Tired. Happy with the story. But a bit doubtful, too. I’m not sure if it is going to be good enough to score a place amidst the best three of the group. After all, the competition is bound to be harder this time. Those who got to write in challenge #3 all made the cut of the best 600.

Now, there’s not much to do but to wait, and hope the judges like my story. Midnight EST (NYC time) on Wednesday, Nov 9th (aka Thursday, Nov 10th, 6am in Germany) I’ll know if I get to write in the final round. I’ll let you all know.

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